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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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18-year-old markel ross was murdered this morning. his older brother tried to find the right words. >> i'd rather it had been me. >> reporter: "i'd rather it had been me" is all he could come up with. >> i'm going to miss his smile. i'm going to miss him dancing. he likes to perform even if you're not willing to look at him. markel was good child. >> reporter: a little before 7:00 this morning the 911 calls started rolling in. man down. not a man really, but a boy, still holding his textbooks. >> the victim was on his way, walking to school at the time. >> reporter: his mom said he had been bullied last year but things had gotten bert. >> markel didn't bother anybody. since he had been going to central high school it always had been a problem. i always felt that was too far for him to be walking. >> he was a nice person. he didn't do nothing to nobody. >> reporter: as cadets conducted a grid search they
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were taking the news hard. >> it was crazy. everybody was crying. it was just sad. >> everybody was freaked out. >> nobody expected that. it was just like, wow, that's scary. >> i still don't believe it. >> i don't, either. >> we're going to get through it. >> reporter: adrian fletcher had just seen him yesterday. >> i gave him a hug, said hi, had a little bit of laughs. kept us laughing and smiling. >> i did though markel. he had a bright spirit. he not only was a strong student but he also participated in our modeling team sew was very popular amongst the staff and students. >> he made honor roll every quarter last year, and we had been talking about him going to college, and i told him i also would like to see him go in the reserve. >> reporter: now instead of planning her son's future this mother is planning a funeral. now, investigators spent time today at the school, so did grief counselors. so far there is no motive and
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no arrest. in capitol heights, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> beth, thank you. it's been 11 years since the september 11th terrorist attacks on u.s. soil, and people around the country gathered in new york, the pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania, to honor those who lost their lives that day. fox's craig boswell has a look now from the world trade center site in manhattan. >> reporter: 11 years later and still no word. bells chiming at the white house marking the solemn day of remembrance. president obama, along with first lady michelle obama bowing their heads in prayer mourning all those who perished. many of those, relatives of the victims. just as in years past they read their loved ones' names aloud. >> i wish you could see how big dunn and phillip are now. that my uncle martin michael worely, we miss you.
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>> it was a day like this one, a clear blue sky, but a sky that would soon be filled with clouds of smoke and prayers of a nation shaken to its core. >> reporter: and in pennsylvania, vice president joe biden laying a wreath to those who died. the worst terror attack in u.s. history on the minds of all, general john allen taking the time to reconfirm our commitment. >> 11 years from that day there should be no doubt that our dedication to this commitment remains strong and unshaken. >> reporter: a metal beam from the original towers, the base of a 9/11 monument in jerusalem, joined there by relatives of israeli victims who urged the entire world to never forget. >> let all the souls of the thousands of victims whose names are marked on this
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memorial in jerusalem be remembered from here to eternity. >> reporter: close to 2,000 troops have died in the decade long war in afghanistan. more than 4,000 in iraq. >> today marks the 4th anniversary of the dedication of the pentagon memorial in arlington. for many families it's become a place of reflection and remembrance. tom this is a little different than what we've seen of these ceremonies in the past. >> reporter: shawn, it was following the president's address here today at the pentagon this morning, the memorial was remained closed for victims' families until noon. at that point the general public was allowed in. many people told us they wanted to be here to remember a day that frankly they just will never forget. as you know, this memorial was created four years ago to remember the 183 people who perished not only on american airlines 77, but also in the pentagon.
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the names are stretched out on benches which are arranged chronologically in the order of the victims, ranging from the oldest, to a 71-year-old john yameki, to the youngest, only three years old. as we told you these benches indicate both what was included here. benches facing the pentagon indicate those what were on the plane. benches facing away from the building indicate those who died in the building. many people told us that it was fitting to be at this place on this day. >> for me, the hearts and souls of the people who were killed are really in that building and with the flag and all of that. this is a place for us to be able to contemplate what happened and still try to come to grips with it. >> reporter: now, pentagon officials told us that they expect these crowds to build throughout today. now, 5:00 has passed.
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they're expecting a lot more folks to come down here this evening. as you're well aware, this pentagon and memorial is opened at night. these benches are illuminated, the area is illuminated, and you can reach this location either by the pentagon metro station or by road on army navy highway or columbia pike. shawn, that's the story from here. we'll be back with more later. >> tom, thank you very much. congress came together on the capitol steps today to mark the 9/11 anniversary. they spoke of the unity in the country in the days following the attack. >> although the terrible violence of that day turned our world up side down it also reminded us of our collective strength and power. >> because as americans we believe that every person counts. that's why we're still haunted by the faces of those who died, by the hopes and dreams that were extinguished, by the families and friendships that were shattered on that crisp september morning 11 years ago. >> house speaker john boehner said a greater good has come from americans standing
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together. our coverage of the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks continues on our website. we've posted links from all over as the nation remembers the victims of 9/11. you will find them all right there on our home page. a developing story in chicago tonight where hundreds of thousands of students missed another day of school because of a teacher strike. negotiations continue today and this evening but a union spokesperson says only about 10% of the contract has been signed off on. fox's steve brown is following all the new developments. >> what do we want? fair compensation. >> reporter: chicago teachers are walking a picket line for the second day. the parents of 350,000 students have to figure out what to do with their children as schools sit idle. reports of progress are mixed. on monday the board president was hopeful an agreement could be reached today. >> we are close enough to get
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this resolved, and that we hope once again to say that tomorrow we can deal with the two major issues that are on the agenda. >> reporter: but job security and a new teacher evaluation system remains sticking points. the union president, karen lewis, described the board president as out of touch with the state of negotiations saying the board president hasn't been at very many meetings, only making sporadic appearances. >> he, i think, has a very different view of the actual work that goes on, because i believe he left, what, three or four hours ago, and we're still finishing working. >> reporter: the district has proposed a 16% raise over four years for the teachers, and the two sides have essentially agreed on a longer school day. but school and community leaders say issue like teacher evaluations connected to test results are an example of old school thinking which needs to change. >> we need sustainable school reform, where communities are at the table at the beginning and we give an opportunity to
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own our schools. so that's what we need. we need something new, not the same old same old. >> reporter: now, the union argues that use of standardized testing doesn't take in factors like poverty or recent moves or violence in a neighborhood, something they say that the school system needs to take into consideration. in chicago, steve brown, fox news. >> president obama got a slight bump in the polls after the democratic national convention. coming up tonight, why the race for the white house is in a virtual dead heat with election day less than two months away. hear that? gunshots. it's dramatic dash cam video showing the heroic actions of police officers involved in a temple shooting in wisconsin. and judgment day for five men who played a role in one of the worst mass shootings in d.c. hit. we're live outside the courtroom with reaction. gary. >> hey, shawn. still good stuff weather-wise. you know what?
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it looks like more of the same coming our way. we'll have a look at the forecast and see just how long we can expect conditions like this in the d.c. area. stick with us. news will continue. anncr: this casino's i in west virginia.
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the presidential candidates stayed away from negative attacks on this 9/11 anniversary. today republican mitt romney spoke about the attacks at a campaign stop in nevada.
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>> we remember those who died. we marvel at the courage of those who stormed the cockpit when they became aware of the ma leaf lent purpose of the hijackers. we hold up in prayer the family and friends of the victims. >> romney criticized the president for defense cuts scheduled to take place next year. the republican and democratic national conventions are over but the race for the white house is still very close. a washington post abc nuts poll found among likely voters president obama and mitt romney are essentially tied, but a broader view shows the want a six-point lead. aaron, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get back to the numbers. the post abc poll has the president up by six points. mitt romney's camp saythat suga dnc. is that the case? >> i think that might be the
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case. the question coming out of conventions is always do these candidates get a bounce. mitt romney did not get much of a bounce. some polling has shown that president obama d. but at the same time, if you look at our poll, the responses were much more favorable for obama on friday than they were on saturday and sunday. >> and why do you think that is? even though the polls show the president improved his overall standings, what else did you guys find out, like maybe how voters feel about his stance on issues? >> the reason the president is ahead is largely because people like him personally. i think the jobs report was a big reality check. it was another poor report. five straight months, in fact, in which we've had reports that haven't been good for president obama. i think that that put things back into reality and maybe people started to get about the good speeches of the convention from people like bill clinton. >> let's talk about mitt romney. you mentioned did he not see that typical bounce a candidate seas following the convention but he is still in a virtual tie with the president in many
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of the polls. is that? >> this is the way the race is going to be from here until election day. i don't think anybody is going to have this race outside the margin of error through november 6th. it's just because there's very few undecided voters. our poll showed that just 13% of people said they could change their mind. that's very small, historically speaking. it speaks to the fact that basically these two candidates are really trying to turn out their bases, and they think that's the path to victory. >> we've been hearing from republican insiders and pundits who are essentially, you know, perplexed by the latest polls, and basically saying that, you know, in order to shut everyone up, what mitt romney needs to do is win. it almost seams like they don't have the faith in him as they're looking at these polls what. are you guys finding from this? >> any time something like this happens when polls move a few points, there's going to be some people who are second- guessing what's going on. i think on the right what we're seeing right now is people are second-guessing whether republicans should, in fact, go more conservative and really go all out in embracing kind of
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the paul ryan politics. they see the campaign instead kind of equivocating on things like entitlements and medicare cuts, and so i think that it's very normal for something like this to happen, but it's happened a number of times. >> you set's likely we will see these polls continue right down to the wire. how much weight should we be putting in these polls? >> it's good to keep an eye on where things are at at a given point in time. at the same time, these are just a snapshot in time. you need to look at the big picture. the head to head matchup doesn't always tell the whole story. there's a lot of campaign to be run still. >> it will be interesting to see how the polls are bouncing after we get to the debates. aaron blake, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> hogwash, i haven't heard that wynn awhile. the cost of employer- sponsored family health insurance premiums increased at a much lower rate than hat in
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the past. the annual survey found rates rose only 4% this year. that is compared to a 9% jump from just the year before but experts warn rates may climb much higher next year, possibly spiking up as much as 7%. no hogwash about today's weather. it was gorgeous. a live look outside over northwest d.c. >> i was going to say, this weather is phenomenal. you're from the west coast. i was there over the weekend. this is like san francisco weather. it's phenomenal. >> including the chilly nights and the chilly morning. this morning i was turning off the ac, gary. i haven't done that in awhile. >> somebody in my house left a window open. freezing this morning. >> pull up the blank. >> it was so cold. temperatures easily out there were dropping into the 40s pretty much area wide outside of town. here in town we got down to 57 degrees. i think we're going to be right back there overnight tonight. temperatures out in the suburbs not forecast to be quite as chilly as it was this morning,
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but it's still going to be cool. and, by the way, it was probably me that left the window open. here's what it looks like out there now. this is basically the mid- atlantic all the way through to the mississippi here. and you don't find much in the way of cloud cover at all. that's because not only do we have a surface area area of high pressure but we also have an upper area of high pressure, and that just means it's going to stay nice because it is hard to budge these upper level systems. couple clouds. nothing big. good news, this trend continues. now, we may get a little bit warmer over the next few days, but it doesn't look like we have any big changes coming our way. maybe as we start getting into the weekend. that's, unfortunately, i think when this pattern starts breaking down. temperature now 78 in town. frederick 79. gaithersburg has cooled back to the lower 70s. culpeper 77 degrees. this is the evening forecast, but you pretty much already
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knew it. sunny skies at 7:00. on the cool side by 11:00. here in town 66, lower 60s out in the suburbs. again, chilly overnight, and at least for the next couple of days we're good. here's my tease four. we've made a few adjustments to the weekend forecast. >> i don't know, is that a good tease or a bad tease? >> don't know yet. that's why we call at tease, shawn. on these days like this where it's so, let's be honest, kind of boring, it pays to put out a good tease so the viewers will stick around. >> absolutely. stick around. gary has something four coming up. >> more of that west coast weather. >> i hope so. >> fingers crossed. a teenage girl robbed in broad daylight. the suspect's weapon of choice? a taser. find out where it happened. plus, five men sentenced for their role in with of the worst shootings in d.c. history. the judge did not hold back. if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line, easy
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to remember, 202-895-3000. j.r., he'll answer your call right now. or send us an e-mail to fox 5 tips at these tips often become stories here at fox 5, so let us know if you have one.
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five member involved in one of the worst mass shootings in d.c. history faced judgment day today. in connection with five's paul wagner slive outside the courthouse with more. paul. >> reporter: well, shawn, judge beck said there should be no concern that the jury got it wrong in this case. the overwhelming evidence proved that these five men were involved in four separate crimes that killed five people over eight days. she said that these men were involved in the slaughter of
5:24 pm
innocent people. she called it a dastardly evil accident. these four crimes that began in march of 2010 all started over what someone thought was a stolen bracelet what one mother called today a trinket you would get out of a bubble gum stand, and that bracelet led to violence that stretched over eight days, leaving five people dead. today orlando carter, jeffrey best and robert bose got life without parole. carter, who owned that bracelet and was involved in one of the murders, 54 years. he will be 71 years old before he is eligible for parole. and lamar williams who supplied the guns, 30 years in prison. 14 people stood before the court today and spoke from the heart. some of them in tears, telling judge rona beck what it's been like dealing with the aftermath of the shooting. there were fathers,
5:25 pm
grandmothers, sisters, mothers, and close friends what tried to explain the hurt, the grief, the overwhelming sense of guilt they all felt. some spoke directly to the five men calling them cowards and punks. one man told the five he hoped they died a thousand deaths. as the judge listened, one prosecutor sat nearby, hugging some who were overcome with emotion. others who just needed a caress on the shoulder or a pat on the back. the five men had it to say when their time came. the carter brothers just thanked their family. they did not apologize. two others declined to comment. lamar williams, the man who supplied the guns, told the court he was innocent, and despite what people thought, said he valued life. outside the courthouse, friends, family, and victims reacted to the sentences. >> three of them got what they
5:26 pm
deserved. i don't really have a good thing to say on lamar. he only got 30 years for his part in it. i really don't have a feeling. my son is not here any more. i'm still trying to handle my other son through this tragedy. this is a lifelong process. >> we're very, very gratified for the sentences that the judge has come down with today. she's obviously a very thoughtful judge. this was not an easy case for anybody, all of the emotion involved in the occasions and she waited very carefully, gave very thoughtful sentences, and i believe that all of the families are satisfied. >> it was just good to see justice prevail. i am going to leave it in god's hands, and he is going to take care of them while they're in the jail cell. >> reporter: nine people were wounded in these crimes, one so severely he needs 24-hour care. another shooter, who was involved in this case, who actually held the a k-47 and fired out of the van on south
5:27 pm
capitol street, cooperated in this case. his name is nathaniel simms. he will be sentenced at another time. shawn. >> paul wagner, thank you. coming up, dash cam video captures the chaotic and frightening scene outside a temple in wisconsin after a gunman opens fire. and they are too young to remember thine 11. how local teachers are educate students about that dark day in the nation's history. and it could become the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the united states. next at 5:00, an alarming report about pancreatic cancer what. we all need to know, in our live interview. stay with us. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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after leading a 9/11
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ceremony at the pentagon the president and first lady stopped at arlington national cemetery today. the obamas paid their respects at the graves of military service men and women who were killed in iraq and afghanistan. president obama is scheduled to visit walter reed national military medical center later this afternoon. many schools across the region marked the 11th anniversary sim lee with moments of silence but in montgomery county, maryland, some middle schoolers got a special history lesson from a student's father. fox 5's bob barnard sat in on the class. >> the building did not initially collapse. it initially remained standing. >> reporter: fire captain troy lip was the guest speakers in the social studies class at january pool middle school. >> jet fuel from the plane was everywhere, and it was thick. there was literally pools of it. >> reporter: the captain was incharge of the search and rescue team. >> all of the survivors were out of the building by the time we got on site.
5:32 pm
they watched a brief video about that september 11th when these 6th graders were newborns and infants. >> my mom has told me a about i always reflects on it on 9/11, and i've also watched a lot of videos. >> the second plane, when it actually hit, the wing went in, then it exploded inside. >> i think about horrible tragedy, suffering, just all around chaos when it comes to what happens at the pentagon and the twin towers. >> you guys, as sixth graders -- >> reporter: ms. knackles says knowing how to teach about can be tricky. >> their assignment was to interview an adult about the events of 9/11. i gave them three questions, then they had to come up with two of their own. >> when i interviewed my mom, she said, i was at my grandma's
5:33 pm
watching sesame street. >> i didn't really like talking about it, because it was really a sad thing that happened, but we need to know about it and how to prevent it from happening again. >> this middle school's principle says what's just as important to take away from the september 11th terrorist attacks are the positive things that arose from the ashes that terrible day. >> one of the things that is important for kids to learn as they think about 9/11 is that, yes, we suffered great loss, and there were tremendous tragedies, but the heroes that emerged from that horrible experience stay with us to contribute to our community for the unforeseen future, and they can be those heroes, too. >> reporter: learning that from sadness can come hope. in poolsville, maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> 15 more types of cancer have been added to the types of 9/11 related illness covered by a
5:34 pm
federal healthcare program. the additions were cold an important step in the effort to care for responders and survivors. the coverage through the world trade center health program. a health alert. this one is really alarming. a new report shows pancreatic cancer will move from the fourth to the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the united states by 2020 and possibly even a few years sooner. pancreatic cancer is a cancer that develops within the pancreas. that is the gland responsible for making hormones including the enzymes responsible for digestion of your food and the control of blood sugar. the pancreatic cancer action network released the study so we have invited the network's ceo and president to join us. julieg to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> you bet. your report says pancreatic cancer is the only major cancer killer with a death rate expected to rise the next 20 years. why is that when other cancers are leveling off or decreasing? >> because for other cancers,
5:35 pm
we've found early detection methods and better treatment options, and so the death rates are decreasing. and unfortunately for pancreatic cancer there is no early detection method. we don't have effective treatments. so not only is the incidence increasing like it is for other cancers but the death rate is also increasing. >> so, julie who is getting this form is cancer? is there a common demographic, men, women, and age range? >> men and women, pretty equal for both genders, and the average age is about 62, but we're seeing more and more younger people being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> one thing we know here in washington, you've really got to fate for your cancer fighting dollars, whether it's fund-raising, and i'm sure you do some of that, or part of it, or going to congress. in fact, we understand there's a bill being debated right now. what is that bill and what would it do, julie? >> currently there's a bill called the pancreatic research and education act, and this
5:36 pm
bill would require the national cancer institute to create a long-term comprehensive plan for pancreatic cancer. currently there is no plan, and we need a national time so that we can stop the tide. >> here's the 93,000 question, julie. do you believe it is possible to turn this around and keep pancreatier fc cancm climbing to that number two spot? few i do believe with more research, more scientists focused on the disease, a plan that will lead us all in that direction, that absolutely, we can start to make progress and change the survival rate. >> i know we all hope you are right. julie, thank you for helping us shed some light on what appears to be a very alarming trend. >> thank you very much. staying on the health beat, recreational pot smokers are twice as likely to get testicular cancer than men who have never smoked pot. that is according to a study in the journal cancer. researchers say the link involves a specific type of
5:37 pm
tumor. the lead researcher from ucla says this is the third study that shows the link. coming up tonight, a taser robbery leaves a teenage girl shaken up. the details when we come back. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. the hunt is on in montgomery county for the man who used a taser on a teenage girl's robbed her. it happened yesterday about 3:00 in the afternoon right here near the intersection of pritchard road and bucknell drive. the baltimore county teenager shot on the first day
5:41 pm
of school is now home from the hospital. police say a fellow student, robert gladden, fired randomly in the cafeteria at perry hall high school. coming up tonight, a child deemed too big to play gets a chance. >> he is 12. you have got to hear how big he is. plus, you know this guy, randy jackson. he's fought leave 2:00 judge's table on "american idol" after all. all the details coming up. >> and get ready for another night of cool temperatures. gary is back with your forecast. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. the nats are doing something in september they have not done since arriving in d.c. back in 2005. they're playing meaningful baseball games. and last night, guess what, they moved closer to clinching the division title.
5:45 pm
fox 5's dave ross is here with more on the red-hot nats. >> these are fun times in the dmv. we all know at rgiii did. and the nats last night moved ever so close to a national league east crown and an invitation to the playoffs. chris suzuki got the party started. his fourth of the year, 1-0 nats. gio gonzalez is 6-1 since suzuki started manning the catching duties. bryce harper on first, and then, a two-run shot, 21st of the year for zim. the only fan happy? that gay. nice shirt. back to gio gonzalez. in a jam, a wicked breaking ball. david wright, also from virginia beach, he goes down looking. gio goes six innings.
5:46 pm
he earns his 19th win despite not having his best stuff. the magic number down to 15. >> it's great for gio to win his 19th but, boy, he scared me a lot. he had about three more balls than strikes. had great stuff, but just wasn't really consistent. wasn't one of his better ones, but he gave me a good six innings so i was pleased. i think we eliminated the mets from the pennant ray, didn't we? i figured that. that made me a little happy. >> look at that smile. that's a nice dig by davey. he started right there in new york and guided the mets to the 1986 world championship. jordan zimmerman on the hill tonight as they continue to inch ever closer to the playoffs. unbelievable. >> citi field their personal stomping ground. a 12-year-old texas boy was
5:47 pm
deemed too big to play on his football team. now elijah earnhardt is finally getting a chance to play. at 6' 3", 300 pounds, the president of the league said he was too big to play on the peewee league team. again, that was 6' 3", 300 pounds, 12 years old. his mother worried about having him join the middle school team because he had never played the game before, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. >> i can't even explain the opportunities that elijah is getting. he will be able to be noticed and seen, and now it's all in his hands. he has to do the work. >> i met the cowboys, then we took pictures with them. i got to practice with the chargers. >> elijah's story caught the attention of a training school for elite young athletes in san diego, california. last month he was flown to california to work on his schools and technique. >> good grief. i'd want him on my team. >> but you can see why.
5:48 pm
at 300 pounds, 6' 3 ask, he could hurt some of these little kids. >> i wouldn't want him playing against my 12-year-old. >> he's bigger than tony romo. >> gary, he's bigger than us combined, i think. >> that's exactly right. i mean, i've put on a few, but, you know. few let's talk about the fabulous weather. >> not much to talk about. that's why we're extending this as long as we can. >> can we make sure no windows are being opened in your house tonight? that was not good. >> it was stuck, and it just didn't get closed, but definitely closed it this morning. it was chilly. that's pretty much going to be the case again tonight. i don't think quite as chilly out in the suburbs tonight, but i still do believe there's going to be some 40s out there. great shot you see to the river and beyond on our hd tower camera there. of course, the cathedral in the foreground. let me show you where we're going with this. it's still going to stay beautiful, but we're going to end up with this high pressure. we're dog revisit in this just a second. i want to start with something
5:49 pm
else. temperatures right now, all three airports, reagan national 78, bwi marshall is in the 70s as well. now, the trend here is going to be gradually warming over the next couple of days. we are not talking about anything too terribly hot coming our way. it does look like another cooling trend coming towards the latter part of the weekend into, the first part of next week, but that probably comes with a few clouds and some showers as well. in terms of the gradual warming trend, again, not a lot. tomorrow i don't think you are really going to notice much of a differencfrom what we had today. high temperature tomorrow is only up to 81 degrees. thursday it will be a little warmer, but, listen, the humidity is still going to stay real nice. even though it's going to be a little warmer, up to where we should be this time of year, temperatures 84 to 86 across the area, it is still going to be really fine september weather. so 78 here in town. gaithersburg 73, baltimore 74, annapolis a very comfortable day by the water with
5:50 pm
temperatures in the middle 70s. this is what i wanted to show you. the dew point is the measurement of the moisture in the air. the lower this number, the more comfortable it is, at least in the humidity department. the higher the number, this is when we get the real oppressive humidity levels and the real high heat index values. but this is super comfortable. 42 for dulles. all these numbers coming in, the 40s. another thing, too, the temperature cannot cool below the dew point so overnight tonight temperatures will be dropping back down into the 40s. 75 at 7:00. beautiful evening. it will cool off into the sick. high pressure 16th control. this will stay in control right on through until the end of the week. by the weekend this high pressure will start breaking down and shifting on off to the east. but we are in for some warm days and these continued very pleasant overnight temperatures much like tonight. 58 in town, a few 40s out in the suburbs. again, i don't think it's going to be quite as cold out in the
5:51 pm
suburbs tonight and overnight is where we started off this morning. we start off at 62 tomorrow. beautiful sunshine. sunshine right on through the day. couple clouds but no big deal. mostly high and thin clouds. 75 at noon, then we get up tomorrow into the 80-degree range, right around 81 degrees or so for a high test. warmer on thursday, though. this is your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. friday 93. the weekend change, we flip- flopped it a little bit. we're think ago few showers on saturday. just a few, though. dryer on sunday and 79. and it looks like we're a little bit unsettled as we head into next week. >> thanks, gary. now to the talk of the town on t m scene. randy jackson is staying at the judge's table. zach, the producers initially tried to move him into the role of mentor. how did he get back to the judge's table? >> here's the deal. apparently they were trying to
5:52 pm
get enrique iglesias, and negotiations just fizzled out. they were freaking out. they have to go to production soon. so they said, randy jackson, let's have you back on the judge's table. they kicked him off, they clearly didn't want him, now they're going back because they have no one else to go with. so mariah kerry, any can i manage, keith urban and randy jackson. let's talk about chris brown. we understand he has a new tattoo and it's causing all kinds of controversy. what's the big deal with this one? >> it's a tattoo on his neck. it's a woman's face. half the face is normal, the other half is kind of like a skull, and people are saying it really resembles rihanna's face with the eyes, the lips, everything, and we did talk to the guy that did the tattoo, and he is saying absolutely not, it is just a random woman. chris came in, never mentioned rihanna's name, just said liked this face, and he made it sound like there was no intention to
5:53 pm
make it rihanna what sorvetion but you can be the judge of it yourself. >> we were talking about it here in the studio and people thought maybe just the outline, he was going back to get some color, who knows, but we didn't think it was rihanna. thanks so much. see you for tmz at 6:30. this on randy, hard to pass up millions. >> a lot of money. >> over to brain bolter for a look at what's next on the news edge at 6:00. >> can you imagine getting a tattoo on your neck of just some woman? >> what's wrong with that brian? >> just a random woman. i like the face. has no meaning to me. it's on my neck. >> he's a rock star. >> i don't think it's rihanna, though. coming up, missing money. d.c. council member michael brown speaking out. where did the money go? then a woman's plea to let
5:54 pm
a dying woman come back from cuba. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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. tonight we're getting a closer look at last month's deadly shooting at the sikh temple in wisconsin. >> police he released dash cam video showing the courageous action of the police officers who helped stop the gunman. myra sanchez has more tonight. >> reporter: this police officer rushed to the sikh temple august 5th where a gunman just shot and killed six people. from another squad camera you can see what happened just moments before he got there. the gunman, wade michael page, just fired 15 shots into police lieutenant brain murphy who lay wounded on the ground. page was closing in on murphy.
5:58 pm
page fired at linda's squad. the windshield exploded. the bullet hit the driver side head rift. fortunately linda had just general out of the squad. >> i had stepped right outside the door, opened my squad door, and the door comes up, and there's the frame of the car and the door. i was in that position in cover position. >> reporter: that's when he fired six shots at page. he says it was the second or third shot that hit page in the abdomen and tack him to the ground. it was then page's own shot to his head that killed him. >> it is from my perspective our compelling evidence showing that the officers were justified in their use of force when they confronted mr. page at the sikh temple. beyond that and further, their courageous and timely actions
5:59 pm
were necessary to prevent further tragedy. >> new information shows 15 rounds were fired at lieutenant murphy. he's now at home recovering. thanks so much for joining us at 5:00. >> the news edge at 6:00 coming your way right now. today we remember a day that began like so many others. it was a day like this one. clear blue sky, but a sky that would soon be filled with clouds of smoke and prayers of a nation shaken to its core. >> 11 years after terrorists carried out the worst attack in u.s. history. the haunting memory of that day still lingers in the lives of many americans. across the nation the country honored the memory of those w
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